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Create an accurate appraisal as efficiently as possible using RealEasy Appraisals. 45 major appraisal forms with required addenda, including secure, encrypted USPAP-compliant digital signatures. Produce a one-file appraisal report, complete with addenda, standard forms, subject photos, comps, sketches, maps.
Download a full version of the RealEasy Appraisals as a demo here. Registered software requires activation at 1-800-528-3445.

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RealEasy Appraisals
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RealEasy Appraisals
RealEasy Photos Plus

*Payment plans available.

Prices include the following services for one year:

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Call 800-528-3445
Email sales@wca-inc.com


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To review RealEasy Appraisals simply click the "Demo" button above. You will have access to RealEasy Appraisals for 30 days. Please call to purchase or for additional review time.

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Product Feature Highlights

User Interface
User Friendly Interface
Whether you’re beginning a new URAR or working with a Multi-Purpose Addendum, each form and addendum provides the same features and functionality. These features include the Common and Global Response Databases, the Lender and Neighborhood Databases, WinComp Comparable Database, a spell-checker, extended comment capability, as well as automatic calculations, and transfers of information.
Automatic Adjustments
Plenty of Automatic Adjustments
The Adjustments Addendum is one of the most powerful features of RealEasy Appraisals. When you enter information in the Adjustments Addendum, RealEasy Appraisals automatically applies adjustments for time, site, full baths, partial baths, bedrooms, living area, basement area, car storage (sf), car storage (# of cars), porch area 1, porch area 2, and fireplace for all of your comparables in one ste
Easy to Use Databases
RealEasy Appraisals provides easy-to-use databases for Common and Global responses, which allow you to store common entries for individual fields as well as typical responses you want to have available for all forms. Additionally, you may store information on your lenders and neighborhoods, as well as all of your comparable properties and file information.
Work Faster & Smarter with Built-in Warnings and Smart Checkboxes
RealEasy Appraisals checks your work as you go. If percentages that should add to 100%, but don’t, RealEasy Appraisals warns you. If you select a “yes” checkbox that requires and explanation, RealEasy Appraisals reminds you to provide the comment. Whether remembering to jump to the next appropriate checkbox or reminding you to provide the required comment, RealEasy Appraisals helps you to work faster and smarter.
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Complete Integration with Companion Programs
RealEasy Appraisals provides full integration with its companion programs; Apex Medina, RealEasy Photos Plus, RealEasy Office Plus, and Microsoft’s Streets and Trips. This means that the Apex software will automatically post your sketch, as well as square footage calculations into RealEasy Appraisals’s Sketch page. RealEasy Photos Plus can post the entire subject and comparable photos into the photo pages and almost any mapping program can paste maps into the Location Map page. More recent additions include integration with Marshall and Swift, RealEasy Web maps, and RealEasy flood mapping service.
Import Function
Allows you to quickly import data from one type report to another or from one report’s addenda to another. You can import an existing condo report into a single family, a limited into a condo, etc.
Import Images
RealEasy Appraisals supports the import of graphics, photos, maps, sketches, logos, etc. Everything you need to create a professional report.
Customize Any Entry
Text can be centered or justified to the left or right, and numeric entries can be rounded to the nearest thousand, five hundred, one hundred, integer and even to one or two decimal places. You can disable print on any field or fields you don’t want to print.
Digital Signatures and Security Management
Digital signatures provide security against identity theft and will guarantee that a signed report is authentic.
Word Processing
Full word processing functionality
Just like Microsoft Word or Open Office, you can insert tables, images, graphs, charts, justified text, rich text formatting, and even full Word documents.
Multiple Font Sizes, Typefaces, and Attributes
With RealEasy Appraisals, you can easily change the font size, typeface or attribute (such as bold or italics), for the whole report, specific entry or a selected group of characters within a sentence. This enhanced appearance can underscore your professional image and give you an edge on the competition.
Square Footage Calculator
The Square Footage Calculation Addendum helps you to calculate and post the subject’s square footage -- including the basement, levels 1, 2, and 3 of the living area, the car storage, and an additional area.
Spell Check
100,000+ Word Spell Checker
Stop worrying about those embarrassing spelling errors. The RealEasy Appraisals spell checker (which includes an industry specific vocabulary) quickly reads the appraisal report and supporting comments. It will find each error and suggest a correct spelling.
Arrow10 Whats new
Arrow10 Whats new
RealEasy Appraisals 14.5.3 (released 1/18/2018)

1. The 2016 ClearCapital Desktop Quantitative report has been updated and renamed to the 2017 ClearCapital Desktop Quantitative report.

RealEasy Appraisals 14.5.2 (released 1/11/2018)

1. The 2016 ClearCapital Desktop Quantitative report has been added.

2. Remote Assistance - The GoToAssist client application has been updated to the latest version.

3. Support for Apex Sketch v.4 has been removed.

RealEasy Appraisals 14.4.1 (released 10/31/2017)

1. The following forms have been added:
⦁ ⦁ Evaluation Appraisal Analysis - Summary Appraisal Report (704B)
⦁ ⦁ Wells Fargo Residential Appraisal Review (2014)

2. Installer - The .SK3 file extension is now registered with Sketch32.

3. Inspect-a-Lot Connect - Several corrections have been made when transferring from Inspect-a-Lot to RealEasy Appraisals.

RealEasy Appraisals 14.3.4 (released 10/9/2017)

1. Integration with the Inspect-a-Lot mobile app can now be found under Services -> Inspect-a-Lot Connect.

2. A new "Manage Appraise-It account" menu item has been added to RealEasy Appraisals' Help menu. This menu item opens the Appraise-It Account Management Portal web site that can be used to manage the account used to sign in to Inspect-a-Lot. This page supports changing the account's username, password, and password recovery information.

3. An option has been added to the Import PDF dialog and the Preferences dialog to add the report's File # and Case # to imported PDFs.

4. The following new report types have been added:
⦁ ⦁ Evaluation Appraisal Analysis - Summary Appraisal Report (704B)
⦁ ⦁ Wells Fargo Residential Appraisal Review (2014)

5. A new Gross Rent Multiplier Analysis [GRMA] form has been added.

6. Appraiser Genie Cloud - Support for importing Appraiser Genie Cloud's new Narrative Addendum has been added.

7. Appraiser Genie Cloud - The location of the work file folder has been changed to the more generic location used by Inspect-a-Lot Connect (i.e. C:\Tradata\Workfile\\Appraiser Genie Cloud\).














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