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How do I use the Mercury Desktop integration?


WCA and a la mode have partnered to allow you to upload completed reports from RealEasy Appraisals directly to the Mercury Network, via a la mode's Mercury Desktop client.

If you do not already have the Mercury Desktop client installed, click here to access a la mode's download page.

1. Open your completed, signed report in RealEasy Appraisals.
2. Go to Orders --> Mercury Desktop integration.
3. If this is a UAD report, the UAD Validator will run. Be sure to correct any errors it detects before proceeding. If this is a non-UAD report, skip to step 4.
4. Select the pages of the report you wish to include in your upload, then click Create PDF.
5. Several progress bars and dialogs will flash on your screen; you will then be prompted to log in to the Mercury Desktop client.

If you have trouble with steps 1-4, please contact WCA Technical Support. If you have trouble with step 5, or with using the Mercury Desktop client after logging in, please contact a la mode Technical Support at 800-252-6633.

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Last Updated
February 11, 2015


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