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How do I use AIReady?

Note: this article is provided for legacy purposes only. If you are running RealEasy Appraisals 11.6.6 or higher, please see How do I use the new AIReady?

Many clients now prefer or even require reports to be uploaded into the open AI XML format. RealEasy Appraisals is AIReady-compliant.

1. Open the report you wish to upload in RealEasy Appraisals.
2. If you are using RealEasy Appraisals 10.2 or higher, go to OrdersAIReady. If you are on RealEasy Appraisals10.0 or lower, go to ToolsAIReady.
3. In the dialog that appears, click Submit a Report to AppraisalPort and/or AIRD.
4. Select your report in the list that appears and click Open.
5. If you are on RealEasy Appraisals 10.0 or higher, uncheck any addenda you don't want included in your upload. If you are using RealEasy Appraisals 9.4 or lower, follow these instructions to remove unwanted addenda.
5. Your report will load into the OADI Envelope Uploader, allowing you to preview it. Look through to ensure the report loaded correctly.
6. If this is your first time using RealEasy Appraisals, click Connections on the toolbar. Use the Connections dialog to enter your AppraisalPort account information, then click OK.
7. Click Send to upload your report.


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June 18, 2015


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