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My signature is missing from AIReady

Occasionally, AIReady's Envelope Uploader may not correctly display images, including your signature. However, the images are still there and will be uploaded correctly. You can take the following steps to confirm their presence.

1. With your report loaded into the Envelope Uploader, open the sidebar by clicking and dragging it out from the left side of the window.
2. Scroll down in the list of included attachments and locate the image you want to confirm is being included. Click on it, and it will display in the main window.
3. You can further confirm this by returning to the main form; the image you want to confirm will now display normally.
You can now upload your report to AIReady.

If you would like further confirmation that your images are being included in your upload, you can save a copy of your upload as an ENV file, then run the ENV file through AIReady's ENV-to-PDF converter. If your report contents appear correctly in the generated PDF, you can be sure they are uploading correctly.

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Last Updated
February 8, 2015


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