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Using the RealEasy Market Analysis Service with TrendMLS

To utilize the RealEasy Market Analysis Service with this MLS, you must frst set up your account to export in the correct format.  Once you’ve created a customized export format, you can then export your searches.

1. Log into TrendMLS and go to the search screen. Identify and run a search of a market you’d like to analyze.  Generally you’ll want to include all records you’d like to analyze within a two year time period.  When your search results appear, click Export.

2. An Export Results window will appear.  Select Listings as the export type, then click Export.

3. A confrmation window will appear with a link to your export page.  Click My Exports.

4. You should now be at the My Exports page. A link to your export fle will be displayed. Click on the most recent link.

5. At the notice screen, click Accept.

6. A fle download window will now appear. Click Save.

7. Select a name and memorable location for your fle (such as your Desktop), then click Save.

You can now load this file into the RealEasy Market Analysis Service.

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Last Updated
August 13, 2015


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