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How do I use the RealEasy Appraisals BuildFax Service?

The RealEasy Appraisals BuildFax Service is included with your RealEasy Appraisals Subscription Plan. It provides unlimited construction and modification valuation details for your subject address.
1. With your report open and the subject address filled out, go to Services --> RealEasy Appraisals BuildFax Service.
2. The BuildFax window will launch, displaying your subject address. Click the Get Data button to continue.
3. The BuildFax service will look up and display all available data for your address.
4. Click Transfer to Report to load the BuildFax data into the Word Processing Page (BuildFax) addendum. You can
also click Save As to save the available data as a separate PDF file.
5. When you're finished working with the BuildFax service, close its window to return to your report.

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Last Updated
February 9, 2015


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