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How does RealEasy Appraisals calculate basement adjustments?

RealEasy Appraisals follows a simple two-step process when performing automatic basement adjustments. First, it uses the values you specify in the Adjustments addendum to calculate the total value of the basement in each property; then, it subtracts the value of each comp's basement from the value of the subject's basement. The result is entered as the adjustment in your comp grid.

1. With your report open in RealEasy Appraisals, go to Contents ⇨ Adjustments, or click the Adjustments icon on the toolbar.
2. Enter the value of a square foot in the adjustment field for the Basement and/or Finished Below Grade.
3. Check the Automatic box.
4. If desired, enter a threshold percentage in the Adjust? column.

  • If the calculated adjustment is less than the threshold percentage of the comp's sales price, the adjustment will not be applied.

5. Close the Adjustments Addendum and navigate to your sales or listings grid, then enter your subject's values.
6. Enter your comp or listing's values.
7. An adjustment based on the difference between the subject and comp or listing's basement square footage will be inserted in the adjustment column.

UAD Reports
In UAD reports, there are two options for automatically calculating basement adjustments: based on the total basement square footage or the unfinished basement square footage.

  • To change the adjustment type, go to EditPreferences, click on Processing under Reports, check or uncheck the Adjust unfinished instead of total basement area, then click OK.


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June 5, 2015


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