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How do I use the RELS VSS uploader?


Acknowledging a Rels VSS Order
1. Once you receive your order from Rels via Email, either copy the order number from the subject line or open the attached RXML file.
2. If you opened the attached RXML file, The Rels VSS Acknowledge Order program should launch and you can proceed to Step 3. If you copied the Rels order number from the subject line of the email, open RealEasy Appraisals, open a blank report that you would like to begin your appraisal from and then go to the Orders menu and select Rels VSS Acknowledge Order.
3. If you have never used the program before, enter your login information provided by Rels. If you have used the program before, this information will already be present. If you copied the order number from the Rels email, paste it into the order number field and then click Next.
4. The order information will be retrieved over the Internet from Rels. Once the information is retrieved, it will be displayed so you can view the order. Note the Property, Order, Loan and Client tabs at the top. These can be used to view the full contents of the order.
5. When you are ready to acknowledge the order, click on the Acknowledge Order button to the right. This will open the acknowledgement screen. Acknowledge your order by filling out the form and then pressing the Accept button. Then, click on the Return to Order Information button in the lower-right corner.
6. You will now be back in the Order Information window. The final step will be to click on the Transfer Order Data to Report button. The order information will now be added into your report's Rels Order Addendum form. You can now close and save the report and return to it when you are ready to begin working on the report.

Sending a Report to Rels through VSS
1. Once you have completed the report and it has been signed, you are ready to send it to Rels. Click on the Orders menu in RealEasy Appraisals and select Rels VSS Upload Report.
2. Verify the order information and answer the undue influence question and then click Next.
3. The appraisal report will be transfered into the uploader and converted to XML format in preparation for delivery to Rels. When this is completed, you will be prompted for your Rels login information. This should already be filled in from the last time you used the VSS program to acknowledge the order. Click the Verify button to proceed.
4. Your report will now be verified and reviewed by the ProQuality service. This process may take up to a minute. If any errors are found, click the View Details to see what you need to correct or change, then close the VSS Connection to make these changes to your report. If no errors are found, click Next to continue.
5. Now you will need to create a PDF of your report that will be included with your Rels submission. This procedure is very similar to the process you are use to in Appraise-It. You can even use your established Print Schemes. The only difference is that you will not be prompted to save the file. This will be handled by the Rels VSS Uploader.
6. Once the PDF is created, click the Upload button to send the order to Rels.

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February 12, 2015


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