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What do I do if I can't find my digital.sig file?

If you need to install your digital signature but do not have the digital.sig file Sales sent you, you can extract the digital.sig file from an existing signed report.


1. You will need version 11.0 or higher of RealEasy Appraisals installed.
2. Open your existing signed report.
3. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the Utilities menu at the top of RealEasy Appraisals. (When the menu opens, you can release CTRL.)
4. Select "Export digital signature".




5. A standard Save As dialog will appear, defaulting to your TRADATA\ADMIN folder. Make a note of the file name (by default, it will name the file after you), and click Save.
6. In RealEasy Appraisals, go to Action --> Change User Info.
7. Click the Signature button toward the bottom of the dialog.
8. A standard File Open dialog will appear, defaulting to your TRADATA\ADMIN folder. Select the file you saved in step 5 and click Open.
9. You will be prompted for your digital signature's password. The default password is "password", but if you have changed it in the past, you will need to use your password. Enter the password and click OK.
10. Your signature will appear in the User Info dialog; click OK.

You can now digitally sign reports.

If you do not have access to an existing signed report, contact our Sales department. They will either send you your existing digital.sig (if it is still on file) or make you a new one.

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Last Updated
February 12, 2015


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