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RealEasy™ Appraisals

Create the most accurate appraisal as fast as possible without all the hassles using RealEasy Appraisals. 45 major appraisal forms with required addenda including the means for attaching USPAP-compliant digital signatures and encrypting the appraisal so it cannot be modified by anyone else. Produces a one-file appraisal report, complete with addenda, in full color — standard forms, subject photos, comps, sketches, maps.

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Are you spending valuable time copying MLS data into your reports? You don't have to. With Grab-It you get true MLS integration completely customized to your liking. Best of all there is nothing new to learn. With only 2 clicks of your mouse you can instantly transfer MLS data directly to your report.

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Comp Manager

Stop looking up information on a comparable address over and over again. Now you can access and use the comparable information from your past appraisals to save time on comps research with new appraisal reports. Easily search and transfer comparable data from your past appraisals. This process removes the hassles of maintaining a database manually. It will allow you search for comp and listings information and front view photos that you have used in previous reports.

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Image Manager

With Image Manager you can transfer photos from anywhere on your computer, resize, enhance, then drag and drop into your report... in just seconds! All appraisers work with various images for their appraisal reports. The Image Manager allows you to easily add photos into a report from your digital camera, memory card or computer. It also allows you to find photos by address from your saved appraisal reports. It is a simple, yet robust image program that does not require the manual upkeep of a database.

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A fast, intuitive sketching tool for the residential or commercial appraisal professional. Whether you are drawing or editing a sketch, you will not find another sketch application that uses fewer keystrokes.

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RealEasy™ Photos Plus

RealEasy Photos Plus combines your comps and photo programs into one integrated package! Quickly and efficiently add your images from your digital camera directly to the appraisal and/or save them to a database for later use. Photos Plus now supports high megapixel cameras with automatic photo compression!

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RealEasy™ Office Plus

RealEasy Office Plus is an appraisal order, job and account management system for the small to large appraisal office. RealEasy Office Plus provides tracking of invoices, accounts receivable and job performance by appraiser, by office location, and by client.

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RealEasy™ Market Analysis

Just a few simple clicks and the RealEasy Market Analysis Service will integrate your MLS data smoothly into your RealEasy Appraisals Software. This service is fully automated and will fill in the 1004MC data grid and enhance your appraisal report by adding detailed analysis, charts and comment addendums. It's as simple as that! The RealEasy Market Analysis Service is super stable, ultra reliable, and extremely easy to use. Allow us to fill out your 1004MC Market Analysis Report in less time, with less errors & less headaches!

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